Our laboratory is interdisciplinary and relies heavily on collaborations with biologists/clinicians, chemists and engineers.  Below is a list of collaborative projects pursued by us at the present time:

Prof. Mark Zern – Transplant Institute, UC Davis Medical Center – differentiation of stem cells into hepatocytes

Prof. Hari Reddi – UC Davis Medical Center –solid phase presentation of growth factors for cell differentiation

Prof. Satya Dandekar, Chair, Immunology and Medical Microbiology Department, UC Davis – microdevices for leukocyte phenotyping in HIV infections

Dr. Michael George, Immunology and Medical Microbiology Department – micropatterned cell cultures as models of mucosal immune system

Prof. Fred Gorin, Neurology and UC Davis Cancer Center – microsystems for anti-cancer drug screening and glioma cell analysis

Prof. Judy Van de Water, Internal Medicine – immune profiling of autistic children using microfluidic devices

Prof. Tingrui Pan, BME, UC Davis – microfluidics and microelectronics for cell analysis

Prof. Julie Sutcliffe, BME, UC Davis – manipulation and analysis of bead libraries

Prof. Yohei Yokobayshi, BME, UC Davis – design of aptamer-based biosensors for cytokine detection

Collaborators outside of UC Davis

Prof. Aleksandr Simonian, Materials Engineering, Auburn University – development of enzyme-based biosensors

Prof. Emile Schweikert and Dr. Stanislav Verkhoturov, Chemistry, Texas A&M University – mass spectroscopy of micropatterned surfaces and cells

Prof. Aydoan Ozcan, Electrical Engineering, UCLA – optical imaging and analysis of blood cells

Prof. Chia Chang, Chemical Engineering, University of Notre Dame – impedance-based biosensors for cytokine detection

Prof. Giyoong Tae, Materials Science and Engineering, Gwangju Institute of Technology, Republic of Korea – polymer scaffolds/vehicles for cell differentiation and transplantation

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